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[Q] How do I play against my friends over the Internet?

[A] Easy! One player clicks "Host Game", then tells the other players his IP Address. The other players then choose "Join Game", using that IP Address.
TOP TIP: Use MSN Messenger (or similar) whilst playing the game to send messages that abuse their bad shots and boast about your Hole's In One!!!

[Q] I've designed a course that I think is great and I want others to play it.

[A] Great! Simply drop us a line and we'll make it available for all the other players!

[Q] How can I improve the sound quality within the game?

[A] This is a general Java thing - the soundbanks used are of limited quality to reduce the download size of the JRE. However, you can download a better quality version from

[Q] The Course Editor has a few bugs, and isn't that user friendly.

[A] Yes. This is due to the balance of getting the game ready against writing a user friendly application to design courses. The course designer was literally just a basic tool I used to create the courses within the game that evolved (slightly...) If I get around to it, the designer will get a total user friendly, bug free revamp. Although, it will actually do the job if you can live with its idiosyncrasies

[Q] I have a comment/suggestion/found a bug/designed a course - how do I contact you?

[A] All comments/suggestions/bug finds/new courses welcome - email us at

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