Awesome Soccer – The “More Than One Button” Debate…

We are considering allowing Awesome Soccer to be played using the more modern multi-button approach as well as the old-school single-button-does-everything control system.

Default Player 1 controls might be the Cursor Keys for directional movement and Z, X, C for Pass, Shoot & Cross.

Alternative Control System?

Alternative Control System?

Your opinions would be welcome…..we’ve created a poll in the Awesome Feature Request Forum for your votes, or alternatively post your opinions here…

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2 Responses to “Awesome Soccer – The “More Than One Button” Debate…”

  1. CaptainD Says:

    Since one of the things I like about AS is that it uses the old-school one-button approach, and another indie game New Star Soccer 2010 uses the zxc (plus space) and while being a fantastic game keeps thinking wrongly that I’m fouling people, I’d like AS to stay as it is!

    My one concession is maybe to go for a two-button approach such as is used by the awesome Kick Off 2 remake “Throw In” – when you have to use the keyboard, more than two fire buttons can become a pain.

    Just my two-penneth worth!

  2. Admin Says:

    Well, we would definitely keep the 1 button style in! :-)

    This would be in addition to the 1 button style, mainly to enable people who hadn’t been brought up with the joy of using a 1 button control an easier path into AS…

    The 2 button idea is interesting though…

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