Awesome Soccer – Alpha Demo Update

Well, the Awesome Soccer Alpha Demo has been available for 4 days now to our official Alpha Testers. Once again, we’d like to thank all of those kindly souls for helping during this exceptionally important phase – it’s really appreciated!

This testing has already helped to identify (and ultimately resolve) a few technical problems within the game; problems that only manifest themselves when trying to play the game on the myriad of PC and laptop configurations out there – and hence why Alpha Testing is so vital.

These problems included:

Full Screen problem – on some laptops, there was a problem trying to switch the game to Full Screen mode, the game would attempt this, but then fail and drop back to the desktop. The reason for this was due to the time it can take some graphics hardware to switch to a different resolution (and Full Screen); Awesome Soccer wasn’t waiting long enough for these slower Graphics Devices (the trade of being now wanting to delay players with the faster Graphics Cards). Problem was easy to resolve; simply delay that bit longer….

Out Of Memory problem – some machines with lower memory had problems with the game freezing on the loading screen. This only manifested itself when attempting to play at high resolutions like 1280 x 1024, and was easily resolved by some optimisations made.

Controller Problem – some wireless mice are identified as “controllers”, but obviously mice don’t have the same buttons etc as a traditional playstation style controller, so this caused a problem for some players. This was easily fixed by some additional checks within the game and was resolved within an hour!

We have managed to not only resolve these problems, but we have made numerous gameplay improvements as per your suggestions. We have also included a plethora of new Tournaments within the game:

  • World Cup 2006
  • Euro 2008
  • Champions League 2008 and 2009
  • English Premier League
  • Scottish Premier League
  • Spanish La Liga
  • Italian Serie A
  • German Bundesliga
  • French Ligue 1
  • Dutch Eredivisie

So now, the Alpha currently available is actually Version 3…..we’re very busy people!

One final plea to all of our Alpha Testers – please can you remember to post your feedback in the Awesome Forum, and don’t forget to join the newsletter. For all those that provide useful feedback, there will be rewards…

(Oh, and if anyone still wishes to help with our Alpha Testing – please join the newsletter, or email us at – you’re very welcome)

Watch this space for Alpha Version 4….

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