Making Awesome Soccer – Part I

We here at Red27 Studios thought we’d share an insight into the how a game like Awesome Soccer is actually developed. We’ll be spreading this blog posting over several parts as it obviously covers quite a lot of ground!

To start with, we’ll discuss the Development Tools that we use in house…

Development IDE – Eclipse. All our code is cut using this fabulous open source editor. Check it out at

Icon Creation – IcoFx. What a great freeware Icon Editor this is. Simply the best one out there as far as we’re concerned. Intuitive interface, does everything you want an icon editor to do, and at a price no-one can baulk at! Discover what you’re missing over at

Installer Creation software – NSIS (Windows). Yet another example of Open Source software at its very best. Extremely powerful, if somewhat confusing to the novice, this software offers so much configuration. Whilst there are other packages out there, this one does everything Red27 Studios needs (and much much more). More information can be found at

Graphics software – GIMP! Yes, ridiculous name aside (it’s an acronym for GNU Image Manipulation Program), this is yet more quality Open Source software. It is by no means perfect; the interface is particularly unfriendly, especially to Windows users accustomed to graphics packages like PhotoShop and PaintShopPro. However, if you can overlook this niggle, you will be treated to a wealth of powerful artistic functions. Find it here at

Sound Software – Audacity. Again, unsurprisingly (you’ve spotted the theme haven’t you?) this is Open Source software at it’s very, very best. Cut your Sound FX to your hearts content, add echoes, reverbs, fade in/out – everything. It will export at .wav, .mp3 etc, and is intuitive and easy to use.

In Game Video Software – Fraps. Not much more to say really; we use this software to produce the .avi files that can be edited and uploaded to youTube. Find it at

So that just about wraps it up for Part I, but stay tuned for Part II coming soon…

Finally, any questions, comments or suggestions you have about what you’d like to see covered in this series of articles would be most welcome.

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